Spey Bank Studio offers exhibition space to many local artists - we are incredibly lucky to have an abundance of highly talented creators in the Scottish Highlands.

Find out more about the artists, their exhibitions and products we sell for them.

  • Angus Grant

    Angus Grant

    An artist, craftsman and teacher based in the Cairngorms, with a love of painting, printing, ceramics and fishing.

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  • Campbell Bryson

    Campbell's highly sought-after paintings show the beautiful effects of light through the Highland forests.

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  • Cathy Haworth

    Her dynamic paintings of bothies and trees are a cheerful addition to the gallery.

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  • Esther Tyson

    Esther's oil paintings of birds and wildlife have a skillful simplicity that brings these wonderful creatures to life.

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  • Jess Greaves

    Jess combines a range of camera and darkroom techniques to create her beautiful images.

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  • Thomas MacGregor

    Thomas MacGregor grew up in Grantown and is now a figurative and landscape painter based in London.

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  • Myrddin Irwin

    Myrddin combines a love of the outdoors with his photographic skills to produce beautiful landscape prints.

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  • Katie Ward

    Young artist Katie Ward works primarily as a painter, but also makes drawings and prints.

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  • Joanna Wilson

    With cartographical lines, organic shapes, and figurative sketches, there is so much to explore in these expressive works.

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  • Rona Kant

    Rona is best known for her colourful Scottish landscapes, which aim to capture the stunning Highland light.

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  • John Austin

    A photographer based in Grantown-on-Spey, John is inspired by the constantly changing light of the Highland landscape.

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  • Clare Blois

    Clare Blois is an award-winning Highland artist, whose abstract work focusses on the landscape.

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  • Raji Salan

    Take your time to explore Raji's exquisite paper collages, which weave anatomy, botany and mythologies.

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  • Kyle Noble

    Kyle's obsession with Scotland's wild places emerges in his intricate alternative depictions of our local woodlands.

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  • Ann Vastano

    Ann's paintings take their inspiration from the Cairngorms and are full of life and colour.

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  • Rosie Fisher

    A popular art teacher, Rosie Fisher has ranged across styles and media throughout her long career.

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  • Aileen Neillie

    One of our group of teacher artists, Aileen's work explores experiences of ageing, using a range of media.

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  • Malcolm Tyson

    Malcolm Tyson lets his imagination rule as he turn doodles into unique artwork.

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