Opening the studio doors!

We've had a busy few weeks, with our first pottery classes and some one-off events giving people a wee glimpse of the work that's been done so far. While it is still a work in progress, it has been brilliant to have people in the studio and getting feedback on the arts and craft activities they would like to do.

In July, we held our first pottery classes! The pottery was the first room we completed so seeing it in action was amazing. Participants used the wheels to practise their throwing skills and make wee bowls.

Hands working with clay | Spey Bank Studio

This weekend, it's the start of our Introduction to Handbuilding classes and we've added new dates for Embossing, which is a fantastic way for beginners to learn how to add texture to your clay pieces.

Our second event was a impromptu opening for Thunder in the Glens, a hugely popular day of motorbikes that was making a return after a two year break because of the pandemic.

The streets were packed for the big rideout and we opened our doors for everyone to have a look around. It was great to show residents the changes that have happened to their former bank and we're looking forward to welcoming them back.

Trio of images | Spey Bank Studio

And then, a week later, we were open again! This time to host a special event as part of Sustainable Strathspey.

Naturalist and presenter Nick Baker brought his microscope and a heap of leaf litter from his garden to show children all the tiny creatures that help make compost.

Nick Baker | Cairngorms Nature | Spey Bank Studio

Armed with a microscope and a projector, Nick showed us the secrets of the leaf litter from his garden. All our younger visitors loved delving into the pile to find beasties that help make compost for us.

The tiny creatures were then put under the microscope for a closer look. Some of the children were impressively knowledgeable about what they found. We had beetle larvae, flat-backed centipedes and some mosquito larvae from a water butt. We also listened to a worm and Nick told us about the invasive New Zealand flatworm and how it is bad for our native earthworms.

After that excitement, we're now looking forward to the next time we open the doors. And we do have something brilliant for you.

Our inaugural exhibition is coming next month - watch this space!

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