Esther Tyson

Elizabeth Pirie’s work is based on a love and knowledge of the
mountains. Both her parents were involved in the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team and she was blessed to be introduced to adventuring in the mountains at an early age. She seeks to show the mountains from the perspective of a climber or skier or mountaineer, as this is how her unique knowledge and understanding of these places has been formed. Her art aims to convey a tension between the beauty and danger of mountainous areas.

Pirie sees her artwork as a way of exploring the land and consequently only make work of a place after having been for an adventure there, to explore the land personally. Through that exploration, whether on foot, climbing, bike or skiing, she takes photos, sketches and record films from which to take stills. These are then examined and developed into the ideas for her pieces. In all her work, she seek to depict the joy of adventure and the incredible power and beauty of creation.

Elizabeth's Collection