Meet Aileen Neillie

Aileen Neillie is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art (1995), specialising in Sculptural Ceramics. Originally from the central belt, she has worked in the Highlands as a teacher and artist for more than 14 years.  

Neillie works in 2D and 3D; both inform and enhance the other. There is great emphasis placed on concept and therefore the selection of materials plays a significant role in conveying the idea.

Recently turned 50, in this series of work Neillie convey her experiences of aging and uses the human bones and body parts to depict the unstoppable effects of time. She abstracts the shapes and places emphasis on textures, similar to the surfaces found in her ceramic work. She plays with various materials, exploring their effects, allowing the creation of her work to be more natural and less hands off. 

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